Finding motivation in moving

Growing up in the country on a big farm and working construction through high school, my husband has worked with some heavy duty equipment, making him feel very manly. He especially loved using a skid steer and has been begging me to allow him to purchase one ever since we got married. We don’t have room for one right now, as we live in an apartment, but I promised him once we moved into a house we would start looking seriously at buying one. He has shown me several times that a used skid steer is definitely something we can afford.

Finding motivation in moving

One of the reasons my husband loves the skid steer so much is because they have a plethora of attachment options, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks. They can move earth when he will be doing landscaping work on our backyard and clean barn stalls in the barn he is also begging me to buy.

I do have to admit, although we cannot use one right now, I do understand my husband’s desire to get one. We have several goals and dreams of what we want our first house and yard to look like and a used skid steer can help us accomplish those goals. My husband is a handy man and can do most of the work so we won’t have to hire anyone, but he will definitely need a machine to help him with the bigger projects, he is also a maniac when it comes to accepting guests in our house so he is wasting hours in researching of air mattress reviews. He believes these would be the perfect picks for guests.

In my mind, there aren’t many things more beautiful than upstate New York. The rolling hills and lush trees that populate that part of the state make for a lovely backdrop to anything you might be doing there. This is especially true if you happen to be there in the fall. I’ve never seen such vibrant colors as the changing leaves during the fall months in Rochester, NY. Admittedly, the winters there can be harsh, and the summers can be quite hot. The fall and the spring, however, make the rest of the year bearable.


I suppose it would be ideal if I could find some Rochester NY rentals that were available during the fall months, without committing to a full year. This is unlikely, I know but we can dream, can’t we? In the end, I may just have to cave and take one of those Rochester NY rentals for a full year. It would be a lovely place to live for a period of time, and that way I would be able to enjoy everything each season has to offer. There is something to be said for being in a state that actually has all four seasons. Those California people don’t know what they’re missing.