Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is a motivational theory that motivation comes from outside sources such as receiving money for a job or getting a certain grade in school. Competition is a strong drive in this type of motivation because it encourages you to do better to beat the other individual.


This article is part of our deep learning about what motivates us. Extrinsic motivation is one of the most common types of motivation we experience. It has several benefits and flaws and In my opinion can be easily controlled to obtain the best results.

Extrinsic-Motivation-Online-TrainingExtrinsic motivation can lead to a person becoming dependent on rewards when completing a task. Especially in children who receive candy or money for doing something adults do every day as part of life. This can lead to the person not having as much motivation to keep trying as they get older and outgrow childish rewards. Remember that this can be overcome by enough willpower and you can always switch these external motivators to internal ones with enough practice. Some examples would be give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish something that you expected a reward and didn’t get it. Attune yourself to getting a pat on the back is the best reward out there and by doing this you are eliminating the need for extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation can be a major asset if used correctly. An example would be that you know the harder and more you work the more money you will make. By doing this it will bestow a greater work ethic in you and your drive to succeed at work and advance your career will be great.

I hope this short article on extrinsic motivation helps you to understand it better and hopefully will give you more control over your motivators.