Finding motivation in moving

Growing up in the country on a big farm and working construction through high school, my husband has worked with some heavy duty equipment, making him feel very manly. He especially loved using a skid steer and has been begging me to allow him to purchase one ever since we got married. We don’t have room for one right now, as we live in an apartment, but I promised him once we moved into a house we would start looking seriously at buying one. He has shown me several times that a used skid steer is definitely something we can afford.

Finding motivation in moving

One of the reasons my husband loves the skid steer so much is because they have a plethora of attachment options, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks. They can move earth when he will be doing landscaping work on our backyard and clean barn stalls in the barn he is also begging me to buy.

I do have to admit, although we cannot use one right now, I do understand my husband’s desire to get one. We have several goals and dreams of what we want our first house and yard to look like and a used skid steer can help us accomplish those goals. My husband is a handy man and can do most of the work so we won’t have to hire anyone, but he will definitely need a machine to help him with the bigger projects, he is also a maniac when it comes to accepting guests in our house so he is wasting hours in researching of air mattress reviews. He believes these would be the perfect picks for guests.

In my mind, there aren’t many things more beautiful than upstate New York. The rolling hills and lush trees that populate that part of the state make for a lovely backdrop to anything you might be doing there. This is especially true if you happen to be there in the fall. I’ve never seen such vibrant colors as the changing leaves during the fall months in Rochester, NY. Admittedly, the winters there can be harsh, and the summers can be quite hot. The fall and the spring, however, make the rest of the year bearable.


I suppose it would be ideal if I could find some Rochester NY rentals that were available during the fall months, without committing to a full year. This is unlikely, I know but we can dream, can’t we? In the end, I may just have to cave and take one of those Rochester NY rentals for a full year. It would be a lovely place to live for a period of time, and that way I would be able to enjoy everything each season has to offer. There is something to be said for being in a state that actually has all four seasons. Those California people don’t know what they’re missing.

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Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is a motivational theory that motivation comes from outside sources such as receiving money for a job or getting a certain grade in school. Competition is a strong drive in this type of motivation because it encourages you to do better to beat the other individual.


This article is part of our deep learning about what motivates us. Extrinsic motivation is one of the most common types of motivation we experience. It has several benefits and flaws and In my opinion can be easily controlled to obtain the best results.

Extrinsic-Motivation-Online-TrainingExtrinsic motivation can lead to a person becoming dependent on rewards when completing a task. Especially in children who receive candy or money for doing something adults do every day as part of life. This can lead to the person not having as much motivation to keep trying as they get older and outgrow childish rewards. Remember that this can be overcome by enough willpower and you can always switch these external motivators to internal ones with enough practice. Some examples would be give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish something that you expected a reward and didn’t get it. Attune yourself to getting a pat on the back is the best reward out there and by doing this you are eliminating the need for extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation can be a major asset if used correctly. An example would be that you know the harder and more you work the more money you will make. By doing this it will bestow a greater work ethic in you and your drive to succeed at work and advance your career will be great.

I hope this short article on extrinsic motivation helps you to understand it better and hopefully will give you more control over your motivators.

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This is kind of like yin and yang. There is a good side and bad side to each of these two things. And to any sort of thing as well. So let’s think about motivation: what is it? Motivation is a drive that sets you up in a path of achieving your wanted goals. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Behaving in a particular way because of various reasons. Motivation is very beneficial.

But on the other hand, there is a procrastination. It is like your evil twin; your other side. Call it whatever you want, but it can be very bad for you. It is the simple practice of overdoing pleasurable things instead of less pleasurable ones. This maybe doesn’t sound bad if you control it. If however you don’t, the problems with your motivation can surface.
It is not a hard task to gain back your motivation, you just need to set yourself in the right direction. There isn’t only one path, there are many ways to get things done and we will show you few steps on how to do it.
istock_000027259649smallSounds a bit strange? It shouldn’t. Music is actually very good motivator for anyone. Ever notice how when you clean your house, without music it seems that you’re doing it and the task just can’t speed up just for a little bit? So what do you do? You turn on the stereo; you play your favourite song and suddenly the task you wanted to be done, gets done sooner.
Music is a subjective thing. No one says that you should play exclusively classical music and hoping that you get your motivation going. No. Pick a genre you enjoy and listen to music while you make up what you have to do. Let the good feeling circulate through your mind and at the same time, think about your goal. Think about how even better you’ll feel about when you finish it, and doing it with music is a good way into letting the positive in, and negative pressure out.
590x300SET A TIMER
This may seem like you’re putting a pressure on yourself by limiting your time to do something that needs to be done, but this is not the case. No one says that you should accomplish something in an hour when that is not even remotely possible. What we mean by this is that you should break the time in two: set yourself to work an hour, and allow yourself a 15 minute break in between. This technique is very beneficial because you will have your rest and your motivation won’t fade over time. Overworking yourself was never the point. Breaks are necesery if you want motivation to finish the work you’ve started.
This is the golden rule if you want to complete a task. Never ever check your social media, because it will only prolong your way of achieving the things you want to do. You can do this however if you take a 15 minute break as said above. In this case, it is very acceptable. Chat with few friends, excange few juciy things between each other but when the break is over – go back and start doing it until another break comes in. Organize your time so that you have balanced work and play.

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